Are you Combat Sniper Material?

Ever wondered if you could be that guy sitting in the bushes with the M82? Well, test your knowledge and attributes to see if you could become one of the sharpshooters we call Snipers.

Do you have the skills and knowledge to be a sharpshooting, silently sneaking, smart as hell soldier? I dont think you do! Take the test to find out.

Created by: Colin

  1. Okay, obvious question. How good of a shot are you?
  2. What is the Coriolis Effect?
  3. Where did the term "Ghillie Suit" originate from?
  4. How often is the intersection point of a crosshairs in a scope used?
  5. The M40A1 sniper rifle was the first rifle specifically designed to do what?
  6. This is typically the last question, but how would you rate this quiz?
  7. Other than the Sniper, what is the other man's designation?
  8. What is the "No Reflex Shot"?
  9. Can you handle seeing the arterial spray of the hit in the scope?
  10. Last question, a .50 BMG round can penetrate inch thick armor plating. True or False

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Quiz topic: Am I Combat Sniper Material?