What type of Nerf fort would you create

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Ever wondered that if in the field of combat in war that you would have to build a base and wondered how it would do against the enemy in the most extreme of conditions!

Well this test helps you find out. The test is for all Nerf lovers as it is one of my favorite hobbies in the entire world!!! So please try this quiz and comment after this!

Created by: A massive Goat lover

  1. Spies tell you of enemy movement nearby do you reply,
  2. A soldier on your team makes a mistake and lets your base be captured, do you...
  3. If you could choose one of the following items, what would you choose? But for a price!
  4. How much effort would you put in for a hard job to do in an hour? (But U also need to do other things as well!)
  5. What would you want your animal companion to be in a battle?
  6. What style of attack are you?
  7. Camouflage paint or a sturdy tank for the same price
  8. You make a mistake in your base, do you...
  9. Spikes or no spikes?
  10. Traps or no traps (If you chose Spikes in the last question you must chose no traps)

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