How well do you know the F/A-18?

There are many combat aircraft in the US military's arsenal, but none as unique as the F/A-18. What is the F/A-18? It is a carrier-based multi-role combat aircraft used by the US Navy and the Marine Corps.

How much do YOU know about the F/A-18? Are you a nugget just out of training, or an exceptional ace? Take this quiz and fine out if you have what it takes to earn your wings!

Created by: Robert Castellanos
  1. What is the prototype that the F/A-18 is based on?
  2. How many variants (versions) of the F/A-18 exist?
  3. What are the F/A-18's nicknames?
  4. What is the F/A-18's role?
  5. What is the F/A-18's service ceiling? (The highest an aircraft can go)
  6. How many crew members does the F/A-18F Super Hornet have?
  7. How many weapons stations are on the Super Hornet's wings(total)?
  8. What are the Super Hornet's primary air-to-air weapons?
  9. What is the most precise weapon in the F/A-18's air-to-ground arsenal?
  10. What type of engines are used on the F/A-18E and -F Super Hornet?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the F/A-18?