Navy Basics Quiz

The Navy is just one branch of the military. You could have learned a lot about the Navy maybe when you were in the Navy or had family in the Navy. Some of the facts are pretty hard to remember.

Are you a Navy genius? Maybe you want to test yourself with this quiz. It will be good for you. The Navy is great and these are some questions that will test your knowledge of the US Navy.

Created by: Serge
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  1. What type of jet lands on an aircraft carrier?
  2. What's the rank of an E-3 in the US Navy?
  3. How fast is the speed of sound in air?
  4. What does Mach 1.6 mean?
  5. What's a ballistic missile?
  6. How many ships does the US Navy have?
  7. Who is the secretary of the US Navy in 2017?
  8. What year was the US Navy established?
  9. What was the date of the attack on Pearl Harbor?
  10. What is the rank of an 0-3 in the US Navy?

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