Should I Join The Navy or The Marine Corps?

There are many paths in the military. The Navy and Marine Corps work together on ships and in training. There's a lot you can learn from one another in the military.

Are you a rifleman or sailor? It's simple for most. For some people it's not. The Navy is great. So is the Marine Corps. This is a great honor and challenge for anyone to take it on.

Created by: vince

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. The stricter the better?
  2. I want to learn martial arts?
  3. Sometimes I'm a hermit and can spend a long time reading or fixing something?
  4. I want a whole new world?
  5. I want to be treated like a warrior?
  6. Living on a ship sucks?
  7. I don't think people get brainwashed just really well trained?
  8. I think I'm capable of anything?
  9. I want my military experience to be tough, but I want my job in the fleet to go real smooth?
  10. I want to be a rifleman?

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