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The USMC stands for United States Marine Corps. It is a military branch that us seen as above the rest and indulges in the specialties of all the other branches and has a fierce, tough yet brotherly reputation with many famous mottos.

Do you know much about a true military powerhouse? Maybe you have realities that served on an interest in serving, or are just bored. No matter the reason, this Marine quiz is a test of knowledge.

Created by: Whiplash
  1. What is the annual sniping tournament held by the Marines and usually won by the Marines name?
  2. What is the highest rank held by a single enlisted man
  3. Do Marine snipers use spotters?
  4. Do Marine snipers use spotters?
  5. What is the school all Marines go to besides Boot Camp?
  6. What is the order of general's ranks from lowest to highest?
  7. Which is a Marine group?
  8. Which the USMC slogan
  9. What is the animal logo for the USMC?
  10. Why do the Marines have the Air Force eagle, army rope, and navy anchor?
  11. What do Marines call Navy men?
  12. Do the Marines have artillery and armored?
  13. What rank is before Corporal?

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