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Marines have been considered a special breed of soldier since it's humble beginnings. This quick quiz will challenge your knowledge base about the Corps!

Will you qualify as a Supreme Devil Dog of knowledge? There is some very interesting information in this quiz, so you may want to brush up on some "Corps" knowledge prior to starting!

Created by: ckpozek of Veterans Rideshare
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  1. What is the only transportation company that will provide the same services companies currently utilize, for the same cost, but put Veterans to work?
  2. In what year were the Continental Marines first commissioned
  3. In the 1800s the Marines were involved with quite a few conflicts. What was the earliest?
  4. What war/conflict was the largest Marine Corps operation in it's history?
  5. How many pounds were being transported by the "Original 8" Marines?
  6. What date is considered the Marine Corps. official birthday?
  7. What is considered the Marine Corps. FIRST recruiting post?
  8. What was the original target of the Marines first amphibious landing?
  9. What was the first ship the Continental Marines captured?
  10. Who was considered the FIRST Marine recruiter
  11. What was the term used for enlisted personnel that received a field commission?

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