History of the Corps

This is a quiz about the history and terminology of the United States Marine Corps. Some facts may be known by the general public, others are taught in Marine Boot Camp & OCS. A few probably are known only to those who served in a specific time or place.

Test your knowledge of U. S. Marine Corps history and terminology by taking this very short quiz developed by a Marine who served from 1960 thru 1988.

Created by: Norm Stahl
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  1. What date is considered to be the birthday of the United States Marine Corps?
  2. What is the "Birthplace of the Corps"?
  3. To what did the term "Bam" refer?
  4. Prior to 1960, what pay grade was a Corporal?
  5. Camp Matthews is now the home of what University?
  6. A garrison cap is also known as a
  7. Archibald Henderson was Commandant of the Marine Corps for ____ years
  8. Prior to becoming a household name during the Iran-Contra Controversy, what name did Lt. Colonel Oliver L. North prefer?
  9. What Commandant restored the Warrior Spirit to the Corps?
  10. What was the name of the Marine Camp located on Parker Ranch (Hawaii) during World War II?
  11. What was the bloodiest battle in the history of the Corps
  12. A Marine's best friends in combat are

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