Red Sox History

If you are a REAL red sox fan, you should be able to get a 100 on this quiz...yet there are very few people who i bet can. SO, if you get a 90-100, you should consider yourself one of the best redsox history fans exsisting....are you ready??

Are you a true Red Sox fan??? Take this quiz to really test yourself on the main history of the Red Sox...and if u can, dont go looking things up as you go! And for the scoring, if you get a 70 or above, you should consider yourself good enough to call yourself a Sox Fan.

Created by: luke of mysox
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  1. In what year was the Boston Red Sox baseball team founded?
  2. How many times have the Red Sox won the World Series?
  3. What position did Babe Ruth play while on the Red Sox?
  4. What player has the record for the longest ball hit out of Fenway Park?
  5. What are the two foul poles called?
  6. What is the seating capacity in Fenway park?
  7. Who is the only player to play every position with his stay in Boston?
  8. What song is played in the middle of the 8th inning at fenway?
  9. Who was the man who "waved the ball fair" for the game winning HR?
  10. What was the original red sox name?...which was then changed because it was too long

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