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This is a selection of random questions pertaining to the Armed Forces of the United States of America, their customs, divisions, and odd trivia. It has been formatted in the least time intensive way possible.

Now you can have the opportunity to test yourself against an array of questions ranging from basic military protocol, to inter-service rivalry, history, and more. Good luck.

Created by: Ivaneus of Through the Palantir
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  1. The United States (US) military is divided into?
  2. What is the name of the Department that the military falls under?
  3. How many Branches are there?
  4. There are multiple types of personnel employed by the US military. Not counting contractors or Government Servants (GS), how many classifications are there?
  5. What is the code for Enlisted Personnel?
  6. What about for Officers and Warrant Officers?
  7. Okay we're almost done with the minutia; not counting special duties, how many Ranks (or Grades) are there for Enlisted personnel?
  8. How many for Officers?
  9. How many for Warrant Officers?
  10. And as a bonus, how many are there for a GS?
  11. Which Branch is the oldest?
  12. The Army and the Marines tend to divide their troops into two distinct categories, what are the nicknames for these groups?
  13. The Air Force has a similar split, what are the names they use?
  14. What is the proper way to refer to a military spouse?
  15. What's the common nickname for a 2nd Lieutenant (O-2)?
  16. What's the difference between a Captain (Army) and a Captain (Navy)?
  17. What's the most dangerous thing to be around?
  18. What is the most important training you will receive in the military?
  19. What is a common nickname for Airmen?
  20. What about Sailors?
  21. Historically speaking, who has been the greatest enemy of the US military?
  22. Which branch, as a whole, cares the most about "bullets?"
  23. What is the difference between a PfC and a 2nd Lt.?
  24. Why is the sky blue?
  25. How are TLAs such as FOB, CAC, or POG said in conversations?
  26. Which is the correct interpretation of the order, "Secure that building."?
  27. Who is the highest ranking officer in US military history?
  28. How many Stars would Washington have?
  29. What is the highest number of stars any General has actually worn?
  30. What is the proper term of address for all military members across all branches and regardless of Enlistment, or Commissioning?
  31. Who is the most highly decorated US Service Member?

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