American trivia

You probably know your country (assuming you live in the U.S.), but do you know it well enough to pass this quiz? Do you know about the states and what's in them?

Do you know all about the U.S.? I really don't think anyone does, but maybe you know these questions. So how well do you really know the United States?

Created by: bfaithr
  1. The world's largest water park is in what state?
  2. The state with the oldest baseball stadium:
  3. The country's longest interstate highway runs between these two cities:
  4. Where can you ride the world's fastest roller coaster?
  5. Largest lake entirely in the U.S.:
  6. The southernmost point in the continental U.S. is:
  7. This state has the longest coastline:
  8. Where is the busiest airport in the world?
  9. What city has the tallest ferris wheel in North America?
  10. What state has the largest shopping mall?

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