What Meikakuna Branch Are You?

The Meikakuna Clan is the most intensely split up clan in Konoha. The three branches are incredibly different, and live in completely different areas around Konoha.

Which branch are you from? Meikakuna Rose, Meikakuna Midori, or Meikakuna Twenty-Trees? Take this quiz and figure out which group you belong to! Good luck!

Created by: Carolyne

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  1. First of all, do you know anything about this? You can guess, but that wouldn't be legit. Question is, what branch of Meikakuna has brown hair?
  2. An enemy is charging at you, and you've got no weapon god dammit! What do you do?
  3. Quick question: Do you prefer offense, defense, or do you really not care?
  4. Okay, halftime break! You've been running laps for an hour. What drink would you probably reach for?
  5. If you could describe yourself in one meme, what meme would that be? (Feel free to search them up).
  6. Okay, here's a Naruto-Related question. You're training and your weapon immediately breaks. What's your first reaction?
  7. If you were a ninja, what release (elemental skill) would you wish to have?
  8. You completely knock out your all time enemy in a battle, and you feel like you need a one-liner to finish it off. What would it be?
  9. You run away from a scene, and you need somewhere to relax and calm down. Where is this place?
  10. You found out a secret you DEFINITELY should not have known. It's about your best friend, and you overheard it from some of your friend's enemies. What do you do?
  11. Final question. What's your favorite gemstone from the ones below?

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