Which Military Branch Are You?

So, I needed something to make me a junior and this is it! Take this short quiz to find out what Military Branch You Are! Then comment and rate to be in my shout outs!

So, you ready to take the quiz? Neither am I so let's do it! Choose honestly to help generate good results, then comment and rate! Whiplash 4 ever yo.

Created by: Whiplash
  1. Would you like to use planes and helicopters?
  2. Would you like to use boats and ships?
  3. Would you like to experience combat?
  4. Which would you prefer?
  5. Which symbol?
  6. What is your mentality?
  7. What choice do you want?
  8. Which choice do you think you will get?
  9. Comment or rate?
  10. I'm gonna make a new shout out quiz, comment to be in it!

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Quiz topic: Which Military Branch am I?