What military branch do you fit in?

Quiz that let's you know in what military branch you fit. It has ten questions and six possible results. Suitable for any gender ( including attack helicopters, non binaries etc. ) or age

Disclaimer: I never served in any military branch but I am planning to join U.S. Army National Guard or Reserves ( part time ) and full time police SWAT ( sniper ) after I complete high school. All knowledge was gained through many websites including official military websites.

Created by: Matyu Sniper
  1. Okay, important thing what many people forget to consider when joining military is what type of combat do they want to engage in.
  2. What would be your ideal vehicle?
  3. ACOG or iron sights / carry handle?
  4. What is your favorite camo pattern?
  5. Your motto?
  6. Political ideology?
  7. How do you call those people that train you from civilian to soldier?
  8. What's your sexuality?
  9. What special operations unit is your favorite?
  10. [NOT AFFECTING SCORE] Do you like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: What military branch do I fit in?