Which Type Of Military Commander Are You?

There are many types of famous tacticians throughout history, and each is known for a different thing. From the silent, to the bold, to the solid defenders.

Which type of leader are you? Are you a shadow, never seen by the enemy but deadly nonetheless? A sly commander, able to surprise the enemy at every turn? A strategic genius, able to manage vast armies and battles, unbeatable in open combat? An unstoppable force, blitzing through the enemy lines? Or an immovable object, able to defend against overwhelming odds? Find out!

Created by: Ka1serTheRoll
  1. What is the most important thing in battle?
  2. What trait do you seek to cultivate most in your men?
  3. Out of these options, who is your favorite military leader in history?
  4. The enemy is preparing an all-out attack on your lines, placing their best troops in the center. They have a slight numerical advantage, but you have good defensive positions. What do you do?
  5. You are leading the invasion of an enemy country. They are strong, but their lines are stretched a little thin. How do you advance?
  6. Your offensive is going well, but you're dangerously low on supplies and you've stretched your lines a bit too much. What do you do?
  7. Ok, so what about on the defense? Remember, you have a numerical disadvantage!
  8. The lines are at a stalemate. Both sides are dug-in and morale and supplies are slowly dropping. What's next?
  9. In the middle of battle, you notice an excellent vantage point! Your reserves are still plenty and currently unoccupied. What do you do?
  10. You're offered your choice of reinforcements. Which do you take?
  11. What does the enemy fear you most for?

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Quiz topic: Which Type Of Military Commander am I?