Are you a good commander

Tere are many leaders who havent got to show what they can do so take this quiz and see if your ready for leadership and victory or just a privite but even if you are you can have some leadership

Are you truley capable of being a general and leading a army the take this quiz to see what you got and ejoy with some luck you will need it to be a great leader

Created by: jbird1859

  1. Your recruiting for your army how do you do it?
  2. You have formed a small army of 200 how are you going to train them?
  3. The nation you work for gives you more funds what do you do with them?
  4. You move out and your scout found out there is a army of 400 is attacking your base of 200 (or more dempending on last question)
  5. You are looking for a position to hold were do you hold? (Enemy charging at you
  6. Your running out of supplies and men what do you do
  7. Your cornered by the enemy 3-1 what do you do? (No support coming)
  8. You have been shot what do you do
  9. Do you think you can be a commander
  10. Hope you enjoyed

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Quiz topic: Am I a good commander