Which War of 1812 Commander are you?

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The War of 1812 was Canada's true test as a people to defend their version of Liberty and Freedom. many great and some not so great generals and commanders emerged from the war that cost so many lives to end in a status quo.

Are you a brilliant commander? A poor one? Are you very patriotic or loyal to your nation and you flag? Find out in this quiz to see which War of 1812 leader you are, and don't forget to answer with complete honesty it gives you the right results!

Created by: James

  1. You are under orders to conduct a defensive campaign but you see an opportunity to gain a victory quick.
  2. You are defending a Fort and the enemy is running a series of feints but you do not know if they are the real thing
  3. You have to retake high ground what do you do?
  4. You have to fight on pure open ground what approach do you take?
  5. (Off-topic) Your chicken is burning in the oven what tactical approach do you take?
  6. You have to attack an enemy position but you have no cannons
  7. Offensive Operation or Defensive Campaign
  8. Union Jack or Stars and Stripes?
  9. Do you prefer Infantry, Cavalry or Artillery better?
  10. You have to invade a country what way do you accomplish this

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Quiz topic: Which War of 1812 Commander am I?