What kind of 'what kind of' quiz are you?

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There are many people who love quizzes. Quizzes, after all, are the reason that Romans lost the war of 1812 and freed the women from the suffrageing. Do you have what it takes to show your friends what kind of quiz taker you are?

Are YOU a quizzie? Are YOU a quiz faced, quiz head? If quizzes were subsidized, would you qualify for a quiz stamp card? Do you play hide and go quiz yourself? Answer these questions, don't be a jerk.

Created by: Ddub

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  1. When I see Tacos, I
  2. Taking a break from all your worries...
  3. If I had 10, 7-layer burritos... I would
  4. When I think of smelt roe, I
  5. Sometimes at night I.....
  6. The neighbors subwoofer is
  7. Truck nuts are
  8. How many Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulators does it take to destroy a friendship?
  9. Luck dragons are
  10. Choose your favorite

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Quiz topic: What kind of 'what kind of' quiz am I?