What boys do you attract

Often, the kind of mates women attract is a reflection of themselves. Based on certain habits one can predict the kind of males surrounding you and how to proceed otherwise.

Are you someone who likes to play nice or dirty? Do opposites attract or do you just attract the wrong kind? Find out what kind of males surround your life in this quiz!

Created by: dasha
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  1. You hear something funny in a public area, you...
  2. At a dance club, you will most likely be...
  3. You are to wear one color today.
  4. One adjective that best suits you:
  5. Today's dessert !
  6. I cannot stand it when...
  7. Peace, love, and ...
  8. You are to perform one of the following:
  9. You are lost in a forest...
  10. Pick the one that best describes you as an elderly citizen:
  11. Watching a sad movie...

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Quiz topic: What boys do I attract