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  • What boys do you attract
    Your Result: The Metrosexual 85%

    And here enters the fabulous, mysterious, handsome young man. A fan of suits, these species are found in the trendy underground places- often specialized in something art related and damn skilled at it. Their expectations are high so if they happen to see you strolling by and follow you- they smelled something valuable. They do not care for looks- they seek depth and unorthodox actions. If you are dating a Metroman, then you complete each other- (be wary of the cheating metros)

    77% The Lover
    73% The Puppy
    67% The Grey
    66% The Rich
    Lol, what? Good job though

  • The grey,I'm the complete opposite of calm and positive outlook but I do like the mysterious and lonesome types of people mostly. I find them quite interesting.

  • I got lover ii love it


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