How much you would attract a person

There are many people in the world looking for the perfect one. Do you think you will get someone? do you? Find out by taking this quiz o you will have a forewarning if they regect you...

Someone will be looking for you but if you think they are good... are you good? Find out how much you would attract them buy taking this quiz. (have fun)

Created by: YAYAYAYA
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How do you look?
  2. Lets just say you go up to the person you like the most. Weather its in public or somewhere privet. What would yo say?
  3. You fall over infront of every one. You...
  4. You are about to die. You...
  5. Do you think this quiz is boring?
  6. How many questions are there?
  7. Ok if your lover told you to e-mail him/her you would...
  8. (this has to do with the question you just answered) After you say that thing you picked you..
  9. Do you have glasses
  10. What nationality are you?
  11. what nationality is your lover?
  12. By the way... do you play a game called howrse? if you don't then you should play it. search up YAYAYAYA at howrse and PM me.

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