What guys like you😻

Do you attract the people you want to attract or do you think you attract the people you WANT TO ATTRACT you may be you may not be but try this quiz and truly know

THERE are many people on this world who are good or decent or fine or cute but are you absolutely gorgiuous 100%AMAZING WELL GIVE THIS QUIZ A TRY AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW YOU.MIGHT JUST BE SUPRISED

Created by: BOBCAT1010

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Honestly describe which is more like you
  2. Ok do u promise to be 100% HONEST ON ALL OF THESES QUESTIONS
  3. Which is ur absolute fav
  4. If u see a ADORIBLE GUY what would u rather have him ask u or do
  5. What do people tell u the most
  6. Honestly are u dating
  7. What job would u prefer even if u hate all of these
  8. What weather do u prefer
  9. What's your fav season
  10. What do u want in a guy
  11. But for other people are u

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