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You may be wondering who you attract or maybe just bored. Either way I have a quiz to keep you reading. Why just wait when you could be doing this quiz?

Do you attract or are you attracted the these boys. I hope you enjoy the... you know what. Let me let you figure out what will come This is all just made up okay

Created by: Xiomara
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  1. You got up early to go to your new middle school. Which you were told by your bestie that there were cute boys. Be honest, What are you going to wear?
  2. You are getting on the bus there are only 6 seats left. Who do you choose
  3. You get on the bus they say hi. Or not. And you.
  4. You get to the office and get your schedule, your heading to the lockers you?
  5. You are now at the end of gym class you need a partner you choose
  6. This is if you chose Logan or Derek. He tells you to do a splits and close your eyes. So you do, and hear the bell ring and your bra being removed. Logan/ Derek took it, what do you do
  7. This is if you chose Mark, Julian, or Ian. You are doing lunges, they try to help you by holding your waist but instead hold your butt. The bell rings what do you do?
  8. This is if you chose the last answer on question 6. You went to a friend and did final stretches
  9. Logan and Derek You run after them to take your bra back. You get them on the floor able to get to the bathtoom to put it on. Then they ask you to help them up you?
  10. This is if you chose Mark, Julian, or Ian You decided (if you didn't already) to run to the girls restroom. He runs after you. What do you do?
  11. This if you chose Logan or Derek He pulls you down and tells you to meet him by the Rose tree. You say?
  12. This if you chose any of the others even ditching He catches up to you and pulls you on his chest. He asks Will you meet me by the Rose tree
  13. Did you enjoy the quiz if you did please rate it Bye

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