would you date me (guys only)

People can get very curious and start wondering if they have a match in this world and attract someone.Or they might just do it for fun or because they got bored but it doesnt really matter.

In this quiz you will be tested to see if you and I can be a match and know we are not alone in this world.We will find out in what we are alike and different.Theres no need to meet in a matter of seconds we will find out.Just wait and see.

Created by: alexa robles

  1. Why do you want to take this quiz??
  2. What is your hair color?
  3. Whats' your eye color?
  4. Out of the following which best discribes your personality?
  5. What do you like to do out of these choices?
  6. Forgot to put this earlier, whats your skin color? (Me:No, Im not racist)
  7. Scenario:We are walking home from a date when this random girl who we think is high pushes me into the lake we were walking by and tries kissing you.What do you do??
  9. If we were to adopt an animal together what would it be?(Me:Animal Fan right here)
  10. Is this quiz boring? (Be honest)(Me:Cuz im bored)
  11. This is it, would you cheat on me and break my poor delicate (jk) heart? (Me:Again, be honest)
  12. Comment pliz?
  13. Rate?

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