What kind of boy do you attract?

There are many types of guys out there. Some are good and some are bad. Are you into the good or bad? It all depends on your personality. All men are different.

What kind of guy do YOU attract? Do you attract the cute ones or the bad boys? Take this quiz to find out what guy you are attracted to! Have fun and hope u get the results you want.

Created by: Lillikinz

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  1. What kind of hair do you like most?
  2. Do you consider yourself popular, normal, or invisible?
  3. Do you consider yourself girly or more of a tomboy?
  4. What would your ideal guy be like?
  5. Personality, attractiveness, or both?
  6. Does he have to be popular or do you not care? Do you want the stuck up jock or the harmless nerd?
  7. Do you care about alchohal, drugs, or tattoos?
  8. Are you into the dangerous/daring man or the sweet/caring man?
  9. Last question that counts: Are you looking for a serious relationship or a one night stand?
  10. Are you going to comment? No? Ok.

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Quiz topic: What kind of boy do I attract?