What guys do you attract girls only obviously

Everyone must be asking this quest ion " what guys do I attract? Well this quiz answers that question. I hope. You enjoy my second quiz. Thank you :)

Do You attract Jocks, nerds, goth, good boy, bad boy. All these are answers you could get when taking my what type of guy do you attract quiz thanks alot

Created by: Chiara
  1. What do others consider you as ( if you don't know say how u consider yourself) o and when you see words inside these -> ( ) it's me
  2. What is your stereotype?
  3. Pick some items.
  4. What kinda clothes do you wear?
  5. Are you enjoying this quiz
  6. Sorry about this what is your face color or closest
  7. You are already in a relationship and the hottest guy in school asks u out u,
  8. What is your face song?
  9. O.k fave actor
  10. Last question did u enjoy the quiz

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Quiz topic: What guys do I attract girls only obviously