How well do you pick up on his signals?

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Let's face it. It's in a girl's nature to be a natural flirt. Some girls can and other's just can't come across well to guys and gain respect, whether it's how they grew up, or just their experience level. Either way, you'll find out if you're good at picking up guys, or a total hopeless romantic.

So how good at picking up on his signals exactly? AND adapting to them, so your respectful, endearing nature can shine through? Can you use your feminine beauty to attract the cutie across the room? Well let's see how well you do with guys in the social setting.

Created by: imgiftedandloveit

  1. You're out with friends and there's a cute guy across the bar (or classroom, if you're relatively young) that seems to dig you. While listening to his friend's endless rambling about his break up, Mr. Cutie has his head tilted downward, peering up at you through squinted eyes. He looks very serious. You don't know where to take it, but you begin to think he's thinking...
  2. Your sitting near a cutie at a party, and he decides to walk over and talk to you. In mid-convo, he tilts his head to the side, and runs his fingers through his hair. This is a sign of...
  3. You're standing by a guy who likes you, talking to some friends. You aren't and were never a couple, but there was a period of mutual attraction, and everyone knew it. He puts his hand on your thigh, he's thinking...
  4. You make your hair adorably curly one day, and you're talking to a guy friend. He asks to see if you can get him something. As you turn your hair (pretend it's near shoulder length while curly) bounces up. His shoulders go down, as sort of a shrugging motion. He's thinking...
  5. Your sitting next to a guy in a chair, and he stands up. Your head was turned the other way when he did it. He seems to be waiting for you to turn around and find his "package there"!. However you don't know, and as you turn around, he scratches himself when he's less than 4 inches away. You....? (There's clothes involved, don't worry, it wasn't bare)
  6. You're with your guy, and as you talk your strides are completely in sync. This suggests...
  7. You're asking this guy if he cheated on your best friend, because she's distraught. He starts playing with his ear and nose. Is he lying?
  8. You're looking for a fling in a public joint. Your body language.
  9. You're out looking for a long term relationship. You act,
  10. Lets see how well you adapt at successful long term flirting. Guys want a girl for a FLING that shows these characteristics...
  11. When he wants long term, he thinks of a girl who is:
  12. You just met this guy and asked him a question. He looks up and to the left, and you are intrigued by his answer. did he make it up?
  13. When a guy has his legs spread out while sitting down, it suggests:
  14. You're on a date, and his pelvis is facing the girl in the low cut top, freakishly long hair, short skirt and 3 inch heels. This shows:
  15. Do you think you have a clear view of what his intentions are? Be honest!
  16. Can you tell when a guy's eyes are dilated at you? (Bigger in the middle, suggesting that you are fond of what you're seeing?)
  17. "You're hot" means...
  18. "Your really pretty" means...

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Quiz topic: How well do I pick up on his signals?