Time Less Love part 2

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Ok if you didn't take quiz one go take it right now because you might be a bit lost when you take this quiz so take the first quiz you have to do these in order take, TAKE IT NOW!!!!!!! Ok so on the last quiz you were kidnapped to a strange place and you are trying to find out what's going on, there are 4 guys with you now

(Guy 1) Is Drake the really cute goth/emo looking one he's in all black with black hair over part of one of his eyes his is really shy (Guy 2)Adam he's Henry's fraternal twin(twins that don't look alike) and they are both total girl chaser or should I say they girls usually chase them, so they bother have huge egos, Adams the sandy blond haired one with freckles that are just too adorable to not notice, he's the sporty one (Guy 3) Henry he's the fraternal twin of Adam(twins that don't look alike) like his brother the are both total girl magnets with big egos. Henry's the one with brown hair and dimples to die for, be careful around him and his brother (Guy 4) Ethan he's the tall muscular, quiet, strong, and the smart one ,and the fact you stood up to him gives you total respect

Created by: BlackandWhite

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  1. You wake up and your head is throbbing you look around and you're in an unfamiliar room, the room is a pale blue and gold, what are you thinking?
  2. You notice a large muscular boy napping in a chair in the corner of the room snoring softly and if he hadden't kidnapped you, you would might think it's cute, he has brown hair and he seems to not know you're awake, what do you do?
  3. Let's say you try to go out the window, you get there and to you astonishment your up really high like the 20th floor, all you can stare at is the ground and think of how you wound get out that way. The you look up and see the veiw and it's simplly breath taking all you can do is stare, there is lush green fields and a beautiful forest to your right there is a herd of horses running in the distance near a field of wild flowers and it's just beautiful, with clear blue skies thin white clouds that just seem to hug the sky and and a bright honey yellow sun and a bright rainbow that's off in the distance but so beautiful that it seems like a perfect picture and you want to just reach out and touch it, your thinking?
  4. "Hello," a unknown voice says behind you that makes you jump. You're so shocked you almost fall out the window. It's the boy that was sleeping in the chair he seems concerned by your reaction, "Uh hello I'm sorry if I scared you I'm Ethan(Guy 4), are you alright, need anything?" You now notice his size and realize he's the large guy you kicked in the shin the other night and he's about 5 or 6 inches taller than you and is way muscular but he seems to be trying to keep his distance from you, maybe because of the kick you unleashed on him. What do you say?
  5. You decide to stay quiet and look him over, "I'm sorry," he blurts out that surprises you, "My friends didn't mean to hurt you and we're really sorry, I'll make sure they apolgize to you, but we needed you to came with us we need your help" You're thinking/say
  6. "Why do you need me?" you decide to ask? Well Ethan says, "We should discuss this with everyone, we should wait for that until later" Your thinking
  7. "Fine but you better tell me everything, you got that," you keep your tone even and firm, he looks at you for awhile and then goes to the door, "There are some clothes in the chest at the foot of your bed and in the closet put on anything you like, I'll come for you in about 2 hours for dinner," Then Ethan opens the door and leaves and you hear him lock the door from the outside, you realize you can't out through the window or door and there aren't anyother ways out the room so you just decide to change and wait for dinner plus you are eager to get answers, what do you dicide to put on, there are all different kinds of clothes to shinny jeans and sweatshirts to dresses that look like they are from the 18th centry, the closet is huge and unbelivablly large it's like a second room, you decide to put on...?
  8. After you get dresses you look around for something to do, you notice a bookcase and go over to it and scan for a book what do you pick?
  9. After half way through the book Ethan pops his head in through the door "Ready?" he asks "Yes," you say and head down stairs with him down a long staircase that dosen't seem to end along the way you notice several doors but don't ask about them. After you make it down you you come to 3 large corridors decorated with red carpets and many exotic and old artifacs like pictures, statue, and other items. You finally get to a large dinning room your thinking?
  10. As you enter the dinning room you notice five chairs and notice the boy with the black hair that you kicked in the nuts the other day, all of their eyes widden at your outfit and he seems to be trying to shrink into his chair and trys not to make eye contact. Ethan gestures for you to sit at the head of the table and you do. After you sit all the boys begin to stare at you which just makes everything awkward. After a long silence the boy with black hair blurts out, "I'm Drake,and that's Adam" pointing to the guy across from him with sandy blond haid and a cute smile on his face, "And that's Henry his fraternal twin(twins that don't look alike is what fraternal means) Henry pointing to a boy with brwon hair and dimples, "And I believe you already met Ethan, and I left desert in the oven," and saying that he headed off to the kitchen leaving everyone looking after him, you could barelly understood him becuase he talked so fast leaving wondering your thinking?
  11. "He's really shy," Ethan says. "Yah because he's never seen a girl before," retorted Adam playfully punching Henry his brothe in the arm as they both laughed as Ethan shot they a sour stare, you're thinking...
  12. "Guys that is kind of mean to say," you tell them, and in that instant everyone in the room turned to look at you and...CLIFFHANGER!!!! I Know I hate these things too but I'm done for today come back for the next one and comment n_n

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