Who do u Attract the Most????

Who do you attract?? do you attract a geek, nerd, gangsta, white white, or gothic people. this test could be very import to you and your life style. some of this could be for your own good....

take this quiz to see who your true love could end up being. you never know what your going to get in life so if you take this quiz then you could find out the best of the best results

Created by: the one and only

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do like when a person weres black
  2. do like them to have there pants a lil low and have on big tees
  3. bow tie?
  4. glasses or no glasses
  5. pick a pair of shoes....vans, skatershoes, nike, tims, converse
  6. how many people have you went out with in your past years
  7. well groomed or doesnt that matter to you
  8. if you had a chance to do something in your spare time what would you do...
  9. do you have any friends
  10. first kiss

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