How well do you know history?

If you dream of becoming a Major General, this is the quiz for you. From the Roman Empire to WWII, you can truly express yourself by seeing how you will go commanding your men in battle.

I am your Military Commander, Fuller Loney. I will ask you questions about historical wars, people and most of all, battles. Please try your best in this quiz.

Created by: Fuller Loney
  1. When was the Greco-Persian Wars?
  2. Alexander the Great died in 323 BC of?
  3. When was the Roman Empire established?
  4. Who divided the Roman Empire and when?
  5. When did the Western Roman Empire collapse?
  6. Who conquered the last Byzantine land, Constantinople, in 1453?
  7. Why did the Revolutionary War start?
  8. Why is Abraham Lincoln famous?
  9. When did WWI start and end?
  10. When did the Great Depression start?
  11. Why did WWII start?
  12. Who is famous for the speech “We shall never surrender” in WWII?
  13. Who was the first Axis country?
  14. True or False: Franklin D. Roosevelt was responsible for dropping the Atomic bomb on Hiroshima, but not Nagasaki.
  15. When were the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings?
  16. Hirohito announced Japan’s surrender when?
  17. What happened in Europe after WWII?
  18. When did the Cold War start?
  19. True or False: Mikhail Gorbachev sought to make peace with NATO but his power came to an end in 1991 when the USSR collapsed.
  20. Who was the first human in space?
  21. When did the UK and the USA declare war on Iraq?
  22. The Yemeni Civil War started in?
  23. When did the Ukraine War start?

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