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Hello, fellow quiz takers! Today's quiz is about testing your general knowledge of WWI and WWII's overall history. Think you're ready? Then give it a go!

Now don't count on the questions being set to asking about one of the World Wars and then the next. Questions will be randomized, meaning that a WWI question could be first, then WWII, and so on.

Created by: Dbradley_2002

  1. The above picture portrays what significant event in WWII's history?
  2. What caused the Japanese to finally surrender in WWII?
  3. What up-started the turmoil in Austria and eventually the beginning of WWI?
  4. What major turning point of WWII took place on June 6, 1944? Hint: This day is called _ - _ _ _.
  5. What years did the First World War begin and end on?
  6. What years did the Second World War begin and end on?
  7. What great naval battle lead to the eventual pursuit of the feared German battleship Bismarck?
  8. What was the type of warfare that consisted of sections of land named "No Man's Land" called?
  9. What is the name of the famous British WWI tank?
  10. Who was the Prime Minister of Britain during WWII, as well as being the First Lord of the Admiralty in WWI?
  11. Who was the leader of Nazi, Germany?
  12. Who was the leader of Italy and the Fascist Party?
  13. Who was in charge of the US since 1940?
  14. What were the names of the famous weapons used or designed by the Nazis?

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