How Well Do You Know the First and Second World Wars?

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Ok I’m gonna give you a quick little rundown as to what kind of test this one is for. This history test for the two World Wars is primarily for WW1 and 2 history buffs that are out there.

However if you are not a WW1 or 2 history buff I am not going to discourage you from testing your knowledge on how well you might actually know about the two largest and deadliest wars ever to exist. So have fun!

Created by: Dakota B.

  1. When did World War 1 start and end?
  2. When do World War 2 start and end?
  3. The Axis Powers consisted of which of these countries?
  4. The Allied Powers consisted of which of these countries?
  5. -See test photo- Where was this picture taken?
  6. In WW1, what was the first tank called?
  7. What type of warfare included chemical weapons, barbed wire, land mines, and “No Man’s Land?”
  8. What country did the Nazi’s first invade?
  9. Who was leader of Nazi Germany?
  10. What were large naval ships of World War 1 called?
  11. What type of warfare did Germany still use after it was clearly restricted in both World War’s?
  12. Final question: What finally ended the 1 and 2 World War?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know the First and Second World Wars?