A.P. World History

Practicing for your AP History exams? This quiz will be a challenge for you. Do you know your world history?

Heads up- this is a difficult quiz to really test your knowledge of world history. Give it your best shot, and good luck.

Created by: Marijo
  1. Most of the earliest civilizations developed in
  2. Most experts believe that agriculture first originated in
  3. Which of the following economic activities is most likely to produce a surplus?
  4. One of the earliest cultural hearths in the Americas was developed by
  5. One common effect of the process of agricultural settlements developing into civilizations was
  6. Which of the following is true of both Ancient Egypt and Ancient Mesopotamia
  7. The best single explanation for why so little is known about the Indus River Valley people is that
  8. One of the most important political legacies of the Zhou Dynasty in Ancient China is
  9. Which of the earliest civilizations generally differed from the others in its emphasis on the supreme importance of the family, life on earth rather than life after death, and learning and literacy?
  10. Which of the following classical civilizations was composed of city-states?
  11. Which of the following civilizations is mismatched with an accomplishment?
  12. Which of the following is true of both Athens and Rome?
  13. "The Great King, King of Kings, King in _______, King of countries" were ways of addressing the ruler of
  14. One difference between Rome and Han China is that
  15. Which of the following is the often seen as an important accomplishment of Ashoka?
  16. In comparison to the Mauryan Dynasty, the Gupta Dynasty
  17. The most significant common reason for both the collapse of early civilizations around 1200 BCE and the classical civilizations in the years before 600 CE was probably
  18. A technological invention used to maneuver the waters of the Indian Ocean was the
  19. Although much about them is mysterious, the clay soldiers picture above were probably created to
  20. The most important reason that the Chinese civilization did notn lose its identity after the fall of the Han Dynasty
  21. Which of the following is NOT a concept central to Buddhism?
  22. Which of the following was a universalizing religion of the era before 600 CE?

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