So you think you know history?

World History. Important? You betcha. Why did things happen the way they did, and how did certain events and people effect the future and balance of power we see around us today? History is a dose of politics, a shake of philosophy, and a lot of making things up as they went.

So let's see what you know, or can scrounge up from memory. We all remember that Columbus landed in 1492, but was he the first to do so? Was Troy a real place? When did countries begin to have power instead of monarchies? These are just some of the questions not asked in this quiz.

Created by: Ross

  1. Alright lets begin easy. The Declaration of Independence was written in which year?
  2. What very important book was written that same year?
  3. Moving back across to Europe, when did that Norman Conquest take place?
  4. The Black Death killed about a third to a half of the world's population. Which of the following may it NOT have been?
  5. In 1206 Genghis Khan created the Mongol Empire, the largest contiguous empire in history. When did it collapse and why?
  6. In 31 B.C. the Roman Empire hinged on the balance of a single dispute, the Battle of Actium. What was it all about?
  7. Tariq ibn-Ziyad is rather important in western history. Why?
  8. 1204. Very important for the Crusaders. Why?
  9. In 1532 Pizarro conquered the Incan Empire, the most powerful South American empire in history. How many men did it take to do the job?
  10. Qin Shi Huang may not be well known in Europe, but he was extremely important in China. Why?
  11. Themistocles in 480 B.C. prevented something rather important from taking place. What?
  12. When good ol' Smith told the Algonquin Jamestown wasn't permanent they smelled BS and were going to kill him. But suddenly...!
  13. Why would you not want to be at Isandlwana in Winter of 1879?
  14. 1756. William Pitt is now Secretary of State in England. Why should anyone else care?
  15. 1902 and things are going down in terms of Eastern-Western relations. More specifically...?
  16. Had Lenin's October Revolution in 1917 failed then who would likely have been in power a lot longer?
  17. 9:15 a.m., August 6, 1945. Details?
  18. Put these events in order.
  19. In 1588 there was a notion that the Catholics could reunite Europe. What was the plan?
  20. Last one. Which of these rulers had the longest journey, physically, to reach their goals.

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