Do you know your Dambusters

There are a great deal many people out there who know their aviation history well, especially in the case of the Dambusters. But yet, not many people out there know of this great air force squadron ever to come out of WWII.

Do you know your Dambusters? Even now you are thinking do I have the knowledge or not? Within the text of this quiz are you about to find out whether or not if you do indeed have the genius to know of this famous squadron.

Created by: Morgaine
  1. What was the codename for the bouncing bomb?
  2. What was the operational name of the dams raids?
  3. What was the name of the squadron that performed the raids?
  4. Who invented the bouncing bomb?
  5. Name the person who was the first commanding officer of the squadron.
  6. Name the three dams that were attacked.
  7. What is the motto of the Dambusters squadron?
  8. Guy Gibson won an award for his part in the raids. What award was it?
  9. What were the squadron letters?
  10. Where was the Dambusters squadron based?
  11. How many Australians were in the squadron?
  12. Who was CO of Bomber Command at the time of the dams raids?
  13. What kind of dog did Guy Gibson own?
  14. Who was Barnes Wallis' assistant during the early development of the bouncing bomb?
  15. How old was Barnes Wallis at the time of the raids?
  16. How old was Guy Gibson at the time of the raids?
  17. How many aircrews were lost during the dams raids?
  18. A total of how many men died in the dams raids?
  19. After the raid, Guy Gibson wrote his famous account about the Dambusters raids. What was the name of that book?
  20. Who played Barnes Wallis in the 1954 film "The Dam Busters"?
  21. Who played Guy Gibson in the film "The Dam Busters"?
  22. What kind of bomber did the Dambusters use for the raids?
  23. When did the Dambusters raids take place?
  24. Which dam survived the raids?
  25. Which two dams were breached?
  26. Who was Guy Gibson's wife at the time?
  27. Who wrote the book "The Dam Busters"?
  28. Who went on to attack the Sorpe dam all alone?
  29. Who is producing the remake of the old Dambusters film?
  30. What is the squadron badge of the Dambusters squadron?
  31. Guy Gibson was killed in action when?
  32. Which classic rock band used clips from "The Dam Busters" film in their movie version of "The Wall"?
  33. What was the nickname members of the Dambuster squadron received by other squadrons during training?
  34. What nationality was Joe McCarthy?
  35. Who is the second most famous CO of the Dambusters apart from Guy Gibson?
  36. Who is said to haunt Scampton Air Force Base?
  37. What was Micky Martin's real name?
  38. When was 617 Squadron formed?
  39. Is 617 Squadron still around even today?
  40. Why should we care about the Dambusters and their story?

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