Which world leader are you?

There are many people in the world, many good people. But there are also some GREAT people, although not all good each one of them has engraved his name on the stone of history.

Which one of these great leaders are you most like? Which one has your personality, in one way or another which one resembles you the most? In just a few minutes you'll find out.

Created by: Winston, Churchmountain.
  1. You spend most of your time..
  2. What do you most enjoy doing is..
  3. The most important virtue is..
  4. When really angry with somebody you..
  5. Whats your perspective on traditions?
  6. Whats most important in a society?
  7. What do you think of war?
  8. You absolutely hate..
  9. You like..
  10. Your objective in life is..
  11. What philosophy defines yours best?

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Quiz topic: Which world leader am I?