Which historical general are you?

Many great generals were born in history,and many in our own country!If you want to know which general's personality you match,this is the best quiz.

I was motivated to make this as many people are not interested in history and those great generals,so please enjoy doing this!

Created by: Shrish Chauhan
  1. You are a great general but in what era?
  2. As you are a general you have to choose a short-ranged weapon, what will it be?
  3. Okay you have choosen short-range,what about mid-range?
  4. Now,its the time for long-ranged weapons.
  5. Okay,as you are an historical general,at that time generals were kings also.So what would havw been your flag?
  6. Okay if you had to choose an army among these which one of these would you choose?
  7. In which place would you prefer to live?
  8. Which dish would you like to eat,sir!?
  9. Okay,which general you think you will become?
  10. Last question,did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which historical general am I?