Do you contribute to society

This will be a test of general knowledge and some opinions. Of course, general knowledge is a subjective concept and I didn't exactly do a ton of research for this quiz.

Of course, the results of this are confines to one person's worldview and are not exactly decisive. Also, this test is for those of average or higher mental capacity being as the questions about "general knowledge" are trying to measure your priorities rather than your I.Q.

Created by: Kris

  1. What sort of music do you listen to?
  2. Do you trust mainstream news media or do you try to do your own research?
  3. Do you believe that science is completely objective?
  4. Do you think philosophy has any sort of importance to anything.
  5. What is the bilderberg group?
  6. Is "Alot" a word
  7. Is this an exponential function: f(x)= X^2
  8. What brought an end to the Soviet Union?
  9. Is the maker of this quiz likely qualified to judge the result? (Qualified on paper, not based on the sort of questions asked)
  10. According to John Locke, all men are entitled to "Life, Liberty, and ______"

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Quiz topic: Do I contribute to society