Breaking Control

Humans are a destructive race, so when a war breaks out killing basically everybody in the process, it's pretty hard to recover from it. But a few people have.

Your name is Kate Martain and you live in a society that has survived from the war. Life is peaceful, quaint and nobody fights. You're almost 17 and it's time to find a job to contribute to your society.

Created by: booklover411

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  1. They watch us. They control us. They know our every move, and tell us what not to do. They say that they give us freedom to do what ever we choose. But really, there is no freedom. They took that away before I was even born. We can't even think about anything without them knowing. We are all being watched.
  2. I awake to no sound, just a grey room as silent as space. I bring my legs over the side of my bed and walk to the bathroom. The lights go on as soon as my feet touched the floor, illuminating my white room. My alloted shower time starts and I get in. I wait for my undercloths to dissolve before I switch to the soap water. It washes over me, making me clean even though I never got dirty. The water lasts a few extra minutes after I'm done so I just stand in the warm water, letting it melt my muscles. Then water shuts itself off and I get out of the shower and let the jets dry me off. We have towels on the racks but they are more for decoration than use. I go to my closet and put on white jeans and a white t-shirt. I walk to the door grab my breakfast, my small white tablet, and walk to the communal bus stop. Ready for school.
  3. Everyone eats their morning sandwhich on they bus. No one talks, but we sit next to people we know, so it's not so awkward. An elderly woman comes on at the next stop and there are no seats left. I feel a vibrating feeling in the nape of my neck. Right, it's only logical since I'm closest to the front, and one of the youngest. I get up and offer her my seat. "Thank you deary," She say's as she sits down. I nod and grab the railing on top as the bus shoots forward.
  4. Light chatter courses through the classroom, like it always does before the class starts. "On time as usual Kate," Mrs. A comments with a smile. I stand next to my friend Britt near the front of the classroom, with some of our other friends. It was calculated since birth that we would all be friends. "Hello Kate, we were just discussing a movie they are going to reshow, and are thinking about seeing it tonight. Would you like to come?" Jane asked. "Tell me more about the movie as I look at my calender," "It's about this little fish who get's taken away from his dad and his dad goes on an adventure to find his son. Oh, what was it called?" Alice asked the group. "Finding Nemo," I answer first. It's all my little sister has been talking about these past few days. "I'm sorry guys I can't I promised my sister I would go with her tomorrow night," "That's alright, we all understand, younger sibilings first before friends," Alice said with a small sharp tone to her words. Her body tightened and we all knew what was happening. Her monitor was disiplining her with a small electric shock.
  5. The vibrating in my neck made me look up at the clock. "We should go sit down, class is about to start," Our little group broke up and went to our seats. Our seats were placed for optimum educational learning. We had atleast one friend by us but not so close as to where we can talk through class. I pulled out my tablet and a page appeared in front of us right before Mrs. a stepped out from behind her desk. "You will see a page in front of you, notifying you about your upcoming interviews. Read it carefully, for most of yours are for different jobs," I started at the top of the page and read down.
  6. (PAGE) Kate, we have narrowed down your choices to what you will succed in most, based off of your progress in school and extra activities. We have provided a list below. -Elementry Teacher -Police Officer -Archeologist -Government Official (Details will be given at interview) We will send you updates of when your interviews will be and the location. Thank you for reading.
  7. My breath gets stuck in my throat. A government job? This is so exciting, very few people get offered this and I'm one of them! A little electrocution runs through me, letting me know I'm getting to excited for this. I take deep breaths and let myself calm down. I will not brag my jobs to others, it will make them sad and make me a bully. I save the document and clear the page,looking up at Mrs. A letting her know that I'm ready to learn.
  8. "Okay class, let's pick up from yesterday's lesson. Lets get talking about how our great society came to be. It all started with World War III, all nations were fighting, none were impartial. Battles raged and one day nuclear war heads started flying. We obliterated each other killing nearly everyone. After the killing the war stopped with no one to carry it on. For some reason a little area in Oregon, now know as Isten, was spared and the citizens in those cities bannded together. Our leaders brought us out of those hard times and into the great self relient city state we are."
  9. "Okay class tell me the name of our leaders," Mrs. A asked the class. We all raised our hands, they've been teaching us this since elementary school. "Kate give me one of the three," Instictively I said the one that I knew before they taught us their names. "Shane Martain," Mrs. A nodded, probably knowing I would say his name. After all he is my great-grandpa.
  10. Cliffhanger!!! I know it wasn't that good of a cliffhanger but, you gotta do what you gotta do. Please rate or comment, you don't have to if you don't want to.

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