Breaking Bad

I haven't found many people that are as crazy about Breaking Bad as I am. Hopefully, through this test, I'll be able to find people who I can talk to about the show.

I hope the questions aren't too hard, but I wanted it to be a little challenging. Maybe it's too easy for those who love the show as much as I do, but we'll soon find out, won't we?

Created by: Dawn

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  1. Who plays Mr White?
  2. Who uses the term, "Break Bad"?
  3. How many episodes were in season 1?
  4. What kind of cancer does Walter have?
  5. How much did Walter pay for the RV?
  6. How many bullet holes are in the door of the RV?
  7. What's the name of the episode where the tub falls through the floow?
  8. What is the name of Jesse's web page?
  9. The Whites are having a baby
  10. Which one of Jesse's eyes was swollen shut?
  11. Who is stealing from stores?
  12. What does the hooker leave on Hank's car?
  13. What does Crazy Eight not like on his sandwiches?
  14. Who was the snitch?
  15. Walter, Jr has cerebral palsy in real life.
  16. What did Walter write on Jesse's test paper?
  17. How much did Jesse pay Walter after selling the first batch?
  18. How did Jesse know Walter had cancer?
  19. What name did Walter use when he went to see Tuco?
  20. What did Marie give Skyler for a baby present?
  21. When Walter and Jesse were wearing ski masks, where did they lock up a security guard?
  22. What did Jesse do when there was an Open House at his place?
  23. What did Tuco's henchman say that got him severely beaten?
  24. Who plays Jesse Pinkman?
  25. Who does Anna Gunn play?

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