Breaking Bad Trivia

There are many great shows. Breaking Bad may be the best. If you've watched the show you should take this quiz. This quiz will determine what type of fan you are.

Are you a Breaking Bad trivia genius? Well you don't have to be a genius for this quiz. You could probably get a perfect score after watching the show recently.


Created by: Serge
  1. Who are Jesse Pinkman's friends?
  2. What country was Bogdan from?
  3. Who is Saul Goodman's A-Team?
  4. In which city was Mike Ehrmantraut a cop?
  5. Where is Gus Fring From?
  6. Did Marie Schrader appear in every episode?
  7. What was wrong with Marie Schrader?
  8. What instrument is Skinny Pete a genius with?
  9. How did Ted Beneke break his neck?
  10. Who killed Hank?
  11. Who robbed one of Jesse's dealers?
  12. What was the name of Jane's dad?
  13. What was the name of Walter's doctor?
  14. What was the name of the henchman that Gus used a box cutter on?
  15. What was Hank's highest rank in the show?
  16. Where does Lydia want to ship meth in Europe?
  17. Just an opinion but who is the most evil person in the show?
  18. If you don't get this you should rewatch the series. Who is Heisenberg?

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