The Fake Nations

Okay I know this is recent, especially after I just started Breaking Control but I have a lot of ideas and I have to do something with them!! PLEASE NOTE, THE END RESULTS ARE MESSED UP SO DON'T LISTEN TO THEM!!!

So this story isn't like Breaking Conltrol, it's more fantasy then dystopian. So you're an aspiring writer and you kind of have a bad temper. You don't really like the people at school and (sorry to say) you don't really have friends.

Created by: booklover411

  1. EEK EEK EEK!!! The screeching sound of my alarm goes off, sending my eyes wide open at the sudden sound. I turn it off and rub my face of sleepiness before I stand to go to the bathroom. The hot water helps soothe the night terrors. "Its only a dream, only a dream," I remind myself as i look in the fogged mirror. I go to my closet and decide to get dressed in...
  2. I put on the barest of make up, only conceler, mascara and eyeliner. I have no one to impress at school. The only reason I dress semi-nice is for myself, not for those pratty b!cthes. They're just meaningless people that will mean nothing to me whan I see my name in libraries and on posters. One day, when I become an author. I grab the newest notebook I've decided to write in and jogged down the steps and grabbed a Special K bar from the cabinet and ran out the door. I'm gunna be late. I'm guuna be late! I can't be late again, I'll get a detention, and after the last one, I'd rather not get one. A quiet room after school with creepy guys and a teacher that leaves for 20 minute periods. I get in my black Jeep Wrangler and speed my way to school. I make it to school with minutes to spare, a deap breath escapes me as I enter the front doors. Right when I turn the corner with my classroom just feets away from me, I run into two huge jocks.
  3. "Hey look it's the recluse, watch out if we get too close we just might scare it off," The brown haired one said to the blond haired one. "Hey look it's the dumbasses. I'm suprised they know a fancy word such as recluse. Me thinks he doesn't know the meaning, he's just heard it so many times he thinks he knows it," I threw at him. I stared hard at them and started back to the classroom doors. The brown haired one steped right into my path. My fingers clenched around my back pack straps and I felt my body tightening with anger. "Shut up I know what it means," He said in my face. "Oh really, then what is it?" I asked. His face reddend and he looked at his pal for help. After a few seconds I got tired of it. "Yeah just what I thought," I pushed past them and was right at the door. And then the bell rang. D@mn it, Mr. Bradshaw give us lates if we're not in a seat at the bell. I run to the closest desk and sit, hoping he didn't notice. "Miss. Daniels, would you care to explain to me why you are not on time for my class?" Crap, he noticed. "Uhh, my car wouldn't start and I had to ask a neighbor to jump it," I lied my @ss off, trying to make a convincing story. "You should've taken the bus, that's why we have them. Late," He said marking me off. I huffed out a breath and put my head on the desk, moaning with my new detention.
  4. Mr. Bradshaw started handing out papers and droning on about the Dutch invading the Phillpines and something about nutmeg. I ignored him and pulled out my notebook. History was so easy for me that I could sleep through this whole class and still get an A. I started back up from last nights continuation. The main character Jane was just introduced by this new guy in class, Alexander, and she didn't know that he is a Drante. Something I came up with, its a shadow crosser. He can travel from places through shadows and can manipulate time. I dove right into writing and became oblivious to my surroundings, traveling into my story. Only when the door closed did I look up. Did I not here the bell ring? No, everyone was still sitting in their seats, but only their faces look interested, they never look that way, especially in Mr Bradshaw's class. "Okay student this is... What's you'r name son?" Mr. Bradshaw asked the guy standing in front of the class. Hmmm not bad looking. Short dirty blond hair, pretty buffed, and tall. "Alex," his voice sounded warm and inviting. "Alright, now just sit where ever you want and let me get back to class," Alex walked away from the front of the class and took the seat right next to mine. I quickly looked down at my paper and let my hair cover my face. Every once in a while I would look at him through the strands of hair. Da-yum, he's fine! His shirt stretched over his muscles nicely letting me observe without imagination. Something black peaked through the top of his shirt. A tattoo? Uh-oh. He's looking right at me.
  5. "You want to partner?" He asked. "What?" I asked him confused. "Partner for the simulation," Alex explained. I looked around and saw people where pairing off into groups of twos. Mr. Bradshaw rarely has simulations and even when he does he never calls on me because i don't participate. "Sure, but just letting you know, I don't know what's going on," I admitted. Alex smiled and explained about how we are supposed to be a nations and we either band together with other nations or invade them. While he was talking I closed my notebook away from anyone who would just pass by. "What's with the notebook? Are you writing down all the amazing things you observed about me at the beginning of class?" Alex must have see me checking him out. 'Oh why do I have to be so obvious?' I asked myself as my face heated. 'Alright I just need a witty comeback,' "Maybe, why are you so interested?" I asked. 'Really, that was a witty comeback? I'm doomed,' I shamed myself. Before he could respond Mr. Bradshaw announced that it was time to interact. All of the girl groups swarmed to us and circled around Alex. Whenever he said something they would laugh or touch his arm, and it mad me a little angry. Okay, not a little, more like a lot. In the end there was only two huge groups, our group and a boy group who chose to invade us, so we lost. "So will I ever get to see that list?" Alex asked as we packed our things. "How about I get to know you better and I'll decide if you can or not," I told him as the bell rang. I smiled and left to my next class.
  6. The rest of the day went on as normal, no Alex, no more new students, just me and my writing. Now I could start to feel my awakness leave me as I started to the front of the school. "Miss. Daniels, where do you think you're going?" I turned to see Mr. Warren, the principal, standing with a peice of paper in his hand. "Oh shoot, I forgot. Detention," I walked up to him and took the slip of paper that signified my jail for the next two hours. I went to the small class and sat in the chair closest to the door for a quick escape. Deliquents with peircings and black cloths stared at me.
  7. Mrs. Carrie walked in with what could potentionally be a death stare if not for the rediculously large glasses. Mrs. Carrie is an old, crochety, skinny lady who should have retired ten years ago. "Alright young 'uns, no talking to each other until 4:35 and we can all leave." She plopped downin the desk chair and watched us intently. An idea came to my mind for my newest bookand I pulled it out. I opened to the next fresh page for the next chapter, and dived in...
  8. (BOOK*POV) I looked into the shadows in the corner of the room. A feeling as if someone was watching me crawled on my skin. A connection I couldn't explain. "Jane, is everything okay?" Mom asked me snapping my attention back to her story. The feeling stayed until randomly it snapped off. The sudden disappearence of the connection left me flush and faint. "Jane, honey are you sure you're okay?" Mom asked a second time but looked more concerned. I tried to pull it off as sleepiness and went upstair to go to bed. I laid down on my bad and fingered circles on my fuzzy blanket. All of a sudden I felt it again, the connection, except stronger. I looked at the darkest shadow I could find hoping to dismiss my crazy thought. But in that shadow, I saw a vague figure. A human figure.
  9. (Your POV) I got a tingle in my neck and a shadow landed on my desk. I looked up and saw a face with a buzz cut and an eyebrow peircing. "What do you need?" I asked covering my notebook with my hands. "Are you writing something erotic? He asked trying to read more. I schrunched my eyebrows together and just wanted to smack him upside the head. "NO! Now go sit down before-" "Excuse me!!! I walk away for a minute and you disrespect me! I think another detention is in order for you Miss. Daniels," Mrs. Carrie yell just as she walked through the door. Of course it's all MY fault, not creepy guy who doesn't know personal boundaries. I put my face in my hands and wait for the paper slip to settle on my desk. The last ten minutes seemed to last forever, but it eventually ended. The whole time the tingling feeling stayed. As I walked through the doors I looked back into the classroom. And I swear I saw somebody in the shadows.
  10. (Alex POV) I watch her as she writes vigoresly. She doesn't know what she's changing for me. She's laying out my future as I watch.
  11. Okay thats all for today hope you liked it. :) Comment or rate I love to hear your thoughts good or bad :)

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