Are you a nonce??

Nonces!!! They appear to be everywhere, lurking in bushes, public toilets, dark alleyways, on the telly, and all just waiting to get their hands on the nations children, but how do we spot them??

YOU can help our mission to try to identify the nations kiddy predators by participating in the following questionnaire, and remember, all answers are in the strictest confidence and will not be laughed at by the editor!!

Created by: Proff. Peter Phile
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  1. Which of the following best describes your domestic situation??
  2. You come across a group of kids playing football on the local park, what is your immediate reaction??
  3. Which of the following most closely describes what you do for a living??
  4. How many facebook profiles do you have??
  5. Which of the following best represents your idea of a "man's man"??
  6. How do you envisage your life most likely ending??
  7. Where do you usually hang out with your mates??
  8. What do you usually keep in the boot of your car??
  9. Which of these is nearest to your perfect holiday scenario??
  10. Which of the following vehicles would you most likely be seen driving??
  11. You are walking along when suddenly you see a young child run out into the road, straight into the path of an oncoming car.......what do you do??
  12. Where do you usually keep your PC??
  13. You are watching the television, when suddenly your program is interrupted by a new flash declaring that there is about to be another round of arrests as part of Operation Yewtree......what is your initial reaction??

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Quiz topic: Am I a nonce??