Official Dark Quiz

So many Dark fans all over the world. Everybody just wants the get their hands on this book. Especially teenage girls! This book has taken the world by storm.

Are YOU a real Dark fan? Do know everything there is to know about the book? Think you're obsessed? Well you might be.Thanks to this quiz you will find just how much you know about this book.

Created by: John
  1. Why doesn't Aria's dad not want her to be with Ricky?
  2. What type of job does Aria's dad have?
  3. Who said this, "He's a ticking bomb in a leather jacket."
  4. What is the name of the school counselor?
  5. What bad habit does Ricky have?
  6. Who is Ricky's mean ex girlfriend
  7. Where did Ricky and Aria go on their "first date"
  8. Why did Ricky end up in the hospital?
  9. Why did Ricky stop being friends with Nolan?
  10. Who beat Ricky up?
  11. Who said this, "You're afraid of being alone aren't you?"
  12. Who is Aria's chemistry partner?
  13. Why did Ricky stay at Aria's house?
  14. How many years was Ronald in prison before he got out?

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