Wings of fire book 1-9 including legends

Are you a wings of fire fan and to make this clear I know I said 9 books in this quiz I mean 10 so like all 9 books but but the dark stalker legend book

This is a book the that only fans and readers can take though this may apply ACTUALLY be a really easy quiz hehe but whatch out for one question that is particularly hard and but the book down!

Created by: Puregold

  1. What winglet was moon (moonwhatcher) in
  2. Wich 2 dragonets died in the fire at the jade mountain academy? And don't think you're fooling me put down the book
  3. Wich dragon was trying to kill iceicle? You better have put down the book.
  4. Wick dragon has fire proof scales?
  5. What is the lowest rank you can have in the ice wing army
  6. Have you put the book down?
  7. Who is iceicle?
  8. Who were the night wings fighting in darkstalker, legends
  9. Who is darkstalkers sister?
  10. What animus touched object did sunny discover in book 5? Oh and put the book down
  11. Who created the dream visitors

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