Telly Telly Telly

Television, the screen that gives out a seemingly endless amount of information and entertainment but at what cost... the term 'couch potato' was coined decades ago.

Are you a telly addict? Lets see what this quiz can tell us about your TV viewing and information retention... how much do you watch and how much do you know?

Created by: Azif Ucan
  1. Which TV show did David Hasselhoff star in?
  2. Who presented Blind Date?
  3. David Jason played who in Only Fools And Horses?
  4. MOTD stands for what?
  5. What kind of show was/is Blue Heelers?
  6. What city was Inspector Morse set in?
  7. What was The Sweeney?
  8. Who was being minded in Minder?
  9. John Motson is most well known for his TV commentary of which sport?
  10. Grange Hill was a TV show set in a...
  11. Porridge was a comedy show set in a...
  12. Where was Only Fools And Horses set?
  13. What was Dad's Army a comedy show about?
  14. What was The Fast Show?
  15. In Keeping Up Appearances who was Hyacinth Bucket's scruffy brother-in-law?
  16. Where was Birds Of A Feather set?
  17. Who played George Carter in The Sweeney?
  18. Where was Bergerac set?
  19. Have I Got News For You is...
  20. In which year did Channel 5 start broadcasting in the UK?
  21. In which British city does Rab C Nesbit live?
  22. The sitcom Friends was set in...
  23. What does Father Ted do to Bishop Brennan?
  24. What was the name of the fictional area in London that The Bill was set?
  25. What did Pinky and the Brain attempt to do every night?
  26. What is the name of the town the Simpsons live in?
  27. Who travels thru time in Quantum Leap?
  28. In what township is Little house On The Prairie mostly set?
  29. Which bald TV cop was solving cases in 1970s New York?
  30. Michael Douglas co-starred in a 1970s cop show called...
  31. In what deep space mining craft would you find Cat, Lister, Holly, and Rimmer?
  32. Where was Fawlty Towers set?
  33. Question Time is a...
  34. What does BBC stand for?
  35. In which decade was the TV drama Heartbreak High?
  36. What was the name of the main character in Murder She Wrote?
  37. Who played Ritchie Cunningham in Happy Days?
  38. Top Of The Pops was a...
  39. Frasier is a spin-off from which TV show?
  40. What was the name of the town A Touch Of Frost was set in?
  41. Who played Richard Sharpe in the Sharpe TV series?
  42. Who played Basil Fawlty in Fawlty Towers?
  43. In Only Fools And Horses what was the name of the tower block the Trotters lived in?
  44. Bodie and Doyle worked for...
  45. The Last Train was a...
  46. The Prime Suspect series stars...
  47. David Suchet played which famous fictional detective?
  48. When was Dr Quinn Medicine Woman set?

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