What kind of archaeologist are you anyway?

It's easy to sit there, thinking you're one of them there archaeological boffs off of the telly, but just what kind of archaeologist are you? Do you know your greyware from your horn core? Do you own a range of trowels?

Take the time to answer these few questions and you, my friend, will find the path to inner peace and contentment. Or at least you'll have found a way to waste an otherwise useless 5 minutes.

Created by: Laurence Hayes
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  1. Someone offers you a cup of tea. Do you:
  2. Your supervisor asks you to clear up your loose. Do you:
  3. It's lunch time, and despite spending the morning in a cess pit there are no washing facilities and you want to eat your pastie. Do you:
  4. Your trowel breaks. Do you:
  5. Someone suggests the pub. Do you:
  6. Your pockets contain:
  7. Somebody asks what you do for a living. You:
  8. A passer by lets you know that if you find any gold it's theirs. Do you:
  9. Do you have a pilot's license?
  10. Have you ever appeared on the telly?

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Quiz topic: What kind of archaeologist am I anyway?