The Life of A Coffee Filter, Part One.

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SO, at the beginning of this quiz, there's a very short story. You MUST read it. Then, there are personality questions. And non-personality questions. BUT THEY STILL COUNT!!!

You can only get coffee filter results, which is why I say the Liliana results don't count. It would not effect your coffee filter score, so it'd be less accurate. SO just choose a coffee filter.

Created by: Weirdhead

  1. Liliana poured coffee into the reusable coffee filter. "I WISH you could talk," she sighed wistfully. "It's so quiet around here, I wouldn't mind just having a coffee filter for company. It'd CERTAINLY be better than no one." "But we CAN talk!" cried another reusable coffee filter. "Better than you can, at any rate! You haven't even said your name, whereas I'm Rip." The filter who just had some coffee poured into her stated, "And I'M Coffee. And that coffee filter next to Rip (he's sleeping) is Craft. He WILL NOT hold coffee; he told us so. He'd rather be used for crafts." Liliana was so delighted that she talked to the filters each day. Soon they became good friends. Coffee was eager to please, and while Rip was hard enough to manage, Craft was worse. But they all got along nicely.
  2. So.. do you prefer crafts, cooking, or doing nothing most?
  3. Who was your favorite character in the story?
  4. Do you like coffee?
  5. Which representative emoji is best?
  6. Do you think I should make another Life of A Coffee Filter story? (Even if you say no I'm going to.)
  7. Do you like crafts?
  8. Have you ever tasted whole coffee beans and/or wet or dry coffee grounds? They're delish!
  9. Do you think you'll read my "Marcus and Matty (the whole story for girls ONLY)" story? (It's here on gotoquiz, probably only a few quizzes before this one.)
  10. Do you like ripped or frayed clothes and things?
  11. Did you like this quiz?

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