I Just Need You Here episode 5

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Here is the continuation! Get ready for some suspense! And if you can't handle that, then stay away, lol. Get ready for the time of your life.. the story is just beginning!

This mysterious tale is part five. I again warn anyone who have not read the preceding episodes should turn around and start at the beginning. I hope everyone likes it!

Created by: Ardeo9999
  1. You and Nate peacefully live for three more days up in the tree fort. Thankfully, it has a roof, because it already rained just the last afternoon. Other than that, the weather has been in your favor, and today the clouds are few, but still clearing up. The sun is coming out; you are sitting in the fort, huddled and leaning your backs against the walls.
  2. "What if our parents had a will? You know, who we would live with if they died and stuff." Nathan says. "I never thought of that! But its probably too late now." you sigh. "Look, we're running out of food anyways. We'll have to go back eventually." Nate points and the stock of food in the corner, which is rapidly diminishing.
  3. "Well, okay," you reply hesitantly. "How about tomorrow morning?" "Sounds good to me." Nathan takes your hand and presses it in his. You squeeze back. Soon, you are sitting in between his legs, which are surrounding your own, and his hands clasped around you.
  4. It's the next day, about ten pm, and you and Nate have biked most of the day, stopping here and there, to reach your street. You both decided the most logical way to approach your house is at night. So here you are, it's the moment you've been waiting for. The two of you are creeping up the road unnoticed, heading for your street. If anybody recognized you two, you're all doomed. Who knew, the story of a runaway girl and boy might be all over the media. So you both quietly dismount your bikes, and lay them in the field behind your house. You leave them hidden by bushes. Then you silently creep up to your back porch... try the handle...........
  5. Locked. The door is locked. But not like you didn't expect that. Then, you remember about the spare key your parents always kept hidden in a hole in the porch post imperceptible unless you were searching for it. You reach under, and lucky you, the key is just dangling there. You wave Nathan over to join you, who was kneeling by the porch on the lookout. You stick the key into the door handle- and *click* !!! It opens!
  6. You step into your house alongside Nathan with a subtle movement. In a flash, you are in your parent's closet. You open up the old, worn leather briefcase that has been there before. Your parents had once showed you that that was where they kept there will. They had only told you because you had wondered once- you had been a toddler at that time and were digging around in their stuff. Nathan turns on the lightswitch and you recognize the old, torn and weathered yellow file: your parents will. "I found it," you whisper to Nate. He bends down by you and peers at the paper.
  7. You read the will. It is a bunch of stuff you do not understand, but there is one part that tells that they would have their daughter live with Nathan's family. You gasp. That could only mean that if they were to obey the will, they must go and live with Nathan's father. "I can't go back to him," he says angrily. "He deserted us! He left us! He doesn't care."
  8. Suddenly, you notice something glinting in the light on the floor. You pick it up- it is a lock of silvery, white hair. "Aidan," you whisper nervously, then look up to Nathan. "They've been here."
  9. "Then they know about the will. But they're ignoring it. But why..." "They must want something from us," you say. "Greed is the ultimate failure of the world, as my Grandfather used to say." "But what? What would they want?" Nate says. "I have the feeling we're being tailed." With one glance at eachother, you madly dash out of the closet and to the back door.
  10. Nathan and you open up the door and out onto the porch. But you stop dead in your tracks. Your mouths gape. "How could I be so stupid.." Nate says. There, around the porch, is...
  11. Don't you just LOVE the suspense? Are you dying to know what's next? Then get ready for EPISODE # 6!!!!!
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