How well will you run a country?

Nations live and die. Some nations live long, experience golden ages, prosper, and die having left many years of their legacy ahead of them. Others are far, far less lucky.

Can you run a successful nation? Will you crash and burn, or will you unite the world in peace and harmony? Is dictatorship the best or worst option? You decide!

Created by: Clotifoth
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  1. What is your country's name?
  2. What is your country's spiritual department like?
  3. What is your labor system?
  4. How does your executive government run?
  5. How does your legislative government run?
  6. How does your judicial government run?
  7. Your economy is crashing like the World Trade Center! What course of action do you take?
  8. A nuclear exchange has left your country in a state of high disorder. 95% of the country, to simplify, is destroyed. What now?
  9. Wineries comprise the largest private sector in your country, but a foul wind has left all the wine in your country awful. What do you do?
  10. Your state religion is believed by only 2% of your populace.
  11. Your urban planners are going to dedicate a statue to you in the capital.
  12. A political show called "No Chin Zone" has become popular in your nation, but it is polarized against your government.
  13. A terrorist group named "League of Treason" has formed and is hilariously bumbling, often helping your government out of trouble more than harming it.
  14. Who will be your successor?

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Quiz topic: How well will I run a country?